Lethal Secrets

Summary: Kendra has spent the last couple of years spiraling out of control. Finally, she hits rock bottom and heads home because it’s the one place where she feels she can begin to rebuild. Her first night in town, there is an incident which brings a new man into her life. Quickly, their relationship becomes an emotional maze of truths and lies. Just when it looks as if they are finally getting on the right track, everything changes. Kendra wakes up and finds herself in what some would call a living nightmare. Literally, overnight Kendra’s world changes drastically. Everything around her begins to crumble and this new man is at the center of things. She doesn’t have much time to figure things out because his true intentions could not only lead to her death, but his as well. As if that isn’t enough, his family ties have the propensity to destroy any relationship they’ve built, even if they can survive his lethal secrets. Lethal Secrets in the first in a series of books dedicated to Kendra’s character.


I’m going to say now that I had a great life, two loving parent and four brothers and sisters. When I was seventeen, I fell madly in love with my little brother’s best friend. He was the same age as I was. He would throw rocks at my window to let me know that he was at my house. I would sneak down stairs and go hang out with him. We snuck around for a while. We were scared of what my brother would say. I think we were together about eight months before Daniel found out. It was at my eighteenth birthday party. He caught us kissing. He was so angry. My brother was very protective of me even though I was a year older than him. I mean I still am. Anyway, he asked Craig to go outside with him and before I knew it they were fighting. The only thing that stopped the fight was my mother throwing water out of the window. She threw it right on them. My father came out and asked what was going on. Everyone was kind of mad about the relationship. It took weeks for them to get over it but they did. We were together five years before we found out about his condition. His kidney’s failed. He was on dialysis. It took another two years before he died. I woke up one morning and he was dead. I called an ambulance and I called my parents. Luckily, I hadn’t lost everything that was him, because I was pregnant. I had a piece of him left. Well, about five months into my pregnancy, I got a call. My parents were in a car accident. Do you know how hard it is to lose the most important people in your life all within in a year? My father died instantly. My mother hung on for a couple of days and then she was gone. I still remember sitting at her hospital bed and hearing that flat line. Everything in me died with her. I wasn’t eating or sleeping. I tried to plan funerals and get through each day but I wasn’t doing a great job. It was the day of the funeral that I just collapsed. We had just come from the cemetery. We had gotten home and as I stepped out of the car, everything went black. When I woke up, I was in the hospital alone. It’s not that my brothers and sisters weren’t there but I lost my baby. I was empty. I never went home from the hospital. I just walked away. I took a bus and I landed in Washington D.C. I took my first drink the night I got there and I guess I have been drinking ever since. You know the more I drank, the more my pain seemed to go away. I didn’t have any money. I would hop from place to place and man to man. I got really good at avoiding sex. Turns out, if you pass out most men will leave you alone. There were a few times that I had to fight my way out of a place. Mostly, I would leave before they woke up and never see them again. I guess, I’m a bad big sister. I disappeared. My family is angry with me and I know my parents are looking down feeling embarrassment. I just didn’t want to feel any more pain, you know? Maybe if I had dealt with my feelings I wouldn’t have ended up in this place. But I didn’t. I’m trying now. What I do know is that I have a lot of people that I owe apologies. I hope one day they are willing to hear them. Heck, I hope they accept my apologies.

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