A Melancholy Note

A seventeen year old Kalyia meets a nineteen year old Shadeem and quickly becomes infatuated with him. His confidence and swag, along with his deep understanding of who she is, boosts the attraction she has for him. In the beginning, he feeds that never-ending loneliness she carries. He makes her believe that their connection is unbreakable. As their relationship changes, she misses the signs that scream something’s wrong! Before she knows it, her world has drastically changed. What once was truth and love becomes lies and pain. She makes a choice that will forever change their lives. There is no coming back from what she’s done and now the stage is set for unimaginable violence and heartbreaking love

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Lethal Secrets

 lethal_secrets_bookcover Kendra has spent the last couple of years spiraling out of control. Finally, she hits rock bottom and heads home because it’s the one place where she feels she can begin to rebuild. Her first night in town, there is an incident which brings a new man into her life. Quickly, their relationship becomes an emotional maze of truths and lies. Just when it looks as if they are finally getting on the right track, everything changes. Kendra wakes up and finds herself in what some would call a living nightmare. Literally, overnight Kendra’s world changes drastically. Everything around her begins to crumble and this new man is at the center of things. She doesn’t have much time to figure things out because his true intentions could not only lead to her death, but his as well. As if that isn’t enough, his family ties have the propensity to destroy any relationship they’ve built, even if they can survive his lethal secrets.

Lethal Secrets in the first in a series of books dedicated to Kendra’s character.

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Evasive Deceit

Tiffany, a mother of two, has a life that everyone envy’s but there’s just one problem, none of it’s real. All she knows is that she’s missing two and a half years of her life. Everything she knows about those two years are not memories but lists of facts that she’s taken the time to remember. She doesn’t even remember having her children and for the life of her she can’t understand why she married one man when she’s in love with another. She’s been able to live with this memory gap and put it out of her mind but unfortunately, she has to go back to the one place that will force her to deal with her memory and expose a great deal of evasive deceit.

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